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Here’s a testimonial from our latest satisfied client Phil Collins –

‘Eric, Thank you so much, the banners are fantastic.

Take care


Yes, this really is Phil Collins!

It’s Phil Collins who runs Powys Hypnosis in Wales (

Well, we couldn’t resist the headline of this post to catch your attention! Hee Hee!

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No doubt you will keep hearing that we all should have some kind of personal website, blog etc where people can get to know us. 

But what if you don’t have one?

There’s a simple fix.

Take your LinkedIn ( profile and make that your portal to “learning more about me”.

Here’s what you can do with that simple little move:

1)    Comment on blogs, articles etc in the space where you want to demonstrate your expertise. Most of them will have you fill out a 2 second form and one of the fields allows you to put your web address in it. So now you have this cool comment and people click on your name to learn more about YOU! A big mistake people make is putting their company website. People buy you first and you’ve done nothing to build your personal brand. Doing this also increases your “Googleability”

2)    Use that as your website if you have a Twitter account.

3)    Include a handy dandy icon like the LinkedIn logo as part of your auto signature in your emails with a hyperlink back to your LinkedIn profile.

4)    Use it as your personal website if you submit articles to websites. as part of your auto signature in your emails.

So there you have it. A real quick and simple way for you to continue to build that incredible brand called “YOU”!

Acknowledgement: Paul Castain (

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Just a thought…

What I have discovered this week from my business dealings is that there are alot of absolutely brilliant business people around, running absolutely brilliant small businesses.

I’ve been impressed by the way they have taken action and progressed from the original germination of their new business idea.

There is much we can learn from these people when we come into contact with them in our daily business lives – how they work, how they do business, how they talk, what they say, how they say it, and what actions they take.

So, keep your eyes and ears open – we might just learn something!  🙂


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