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National Homes Network conferences – A short 47 second video-ette

Click the link –  National Homes Network conferences.



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Estate Agency – An insider’s view……. (via helenspropertystyling)

Here is a really interesting Blog from my associate Helen Silver at PropertyStyling in Bath.

It’s an interesting piece, whether you are a property professional or a member of the home-owning public who is trying to sell now or has done in the past.

Read and learn….

Estate Agency - An insider's view....... Looking to sell your property quickly, for a good price and with minimum hassle? Of course you are but usually that means having to engage ………… ESTATE AGENT! Recently I had the pleasure of attending a conference alongside 50 odd (no pun intended ;)) estate agents.  Whatever the public perception of estate agents, they have a job to do, businesses to run and livelihoods to support just like the rest of us.  Frustratingly, some agents s … Read More

via helenspropertystyling

NHN Partners Day Conference – May 2011


I was very proud and very pleased to get great feedback from the delegates who attended the Partners Day Conference I organised on behalf of NHN (National Homes Network) this month.

“The best conference I’ve attended for 3 years” was one comment!

There will be another conference in the autumn for property professionals, so stay tuned for further news on that if you don’t want to miss out next time!



Some years ago THE business guru was Tom Peters, through his books such as “In Search of Excellence” and “A Passion of Excellence”. One of his ideas was the concept of “Management by Walking About”.

How often do you spot something that needs doing and then forget about it? How often do you put something right yourself?

How often do you delegate by telling a colleague precisely what needs to be done?

How about a different approach? Look at your premises, outside and in, with a fresh eye. What needs to be done? If a light bulb is out, tell the manager, or whoever is senior in the office that a light bulb is out. If a window card needs changing say “A window card needs changing”. Don’t say which one and don’t fix it yourself. The aim is to get others to look with a fresh eye too. Note down when you say something and record how long it takes to be put right. Later, comment on the time taken.

It is right to lead from the front, but the trick is to ensure that everyone on your team shares the passion to be the best and strive for it just as you do.

Get a friend to look at your premises and comment frankly on the good and the bad. People who work in a place every day don’t notice gradual change. Familiarity breeds apathy.

In front of the negotiators’ desks do your guest chairs have arms or not? No arms on chairs cause people to fold their arms and put up psychological barriers to discussions. Arms on chairs help people to relax and be more receptive.

With the closures of businesses the secondhand furniture places have bargains available. Is it time for a freshen up?

When did you last change your Fluorescent light tubes. You know that they lose brightness with age, don’t you? Has the change been so gradual you haven’t noticed? They should be changed after a year. Change a couple and see the difference!

Could this principle apply to your housing stock too?

How about a drive around to see what could be done to enhance the properties you have for sale? Are all the “For Sale” boards in the best location and as visible as they can be? Are the gardens tidy, hedges trimmed and paths swept? Are your photographs up to date with the season? Are your clients sharing your commitment to present the “product” to best advantage?

Or are you telling potential customers that you are sloppy about detail and houses take months to sell? If so, why would they instruct you?

Try walking about and looking at the details, then get them right. When all the details are right, the business will be right and all your colleagues will share your passion for excellence.

Acknowledgement: Nick Marsh FRICS, FAAV. Partner, Frank Marshall Chartered Surveyors, Auctioneers & Estate Agents. (National Homes Network Member Estate Agent).


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This weeks tip was to look again at the applicant list in each office and ensure that anyone living in the area of any of our own offices is registered as ‘Gold’ and has been offered a marketing appraisal.

We refer to theses as our Gold applicants and they stay on our electronic lists for years if necessary. There is no cost to this and we can keep them informed of what is happening in the market, at least they see what is selling in their area, occasionally they see something to tempt them and they get a very regular reminder that we are the main agent to talk to long term.

If the applicant registers in one office but lives in the area of another we need to ensure that the ‘home’ office gets details as well as the one in the area where they are looking. Obviously this also works for National Homes Network referrals but at the very least we are cross-selling around our own business.

Via National Homes Network Member Ian Perry at Perry Bishop & Chambers, Cirencester



…..Part of our business is working as Consultants with companies and organisations within the Property Industry – Estate Agents, Lettings Agents, Surveyors, Auctioneers, Commercial Agents, Conveyancers, Solicitors, Property Stylists, Software Providers, Property Portals and a miriad of suppliers to the industry.

[We are currently working on a long-term contract with The National Homes Network (, assisting with their member estate agents who are placed all over the country and enjoy the benefits of belonging to an organisation of fellow like-minded independently owned estate agents and letting agents. They say what they like most about the NHN is the access to low cost training days for their managers and staff; the regional business meetings, at which they get to share good business practises; and the two conferences held annually where they gain many ideas to take away and impliment within their businesses. There are other benefits to membership too – just ask and we can advise you!].

If you are looking for an expert with 25 years experience in the industry to help you improve your business; be that by staff training, social media marketing implimentation to your marketing mix, assistance with the selling/marketing of your service/product to estate agents, improvements to your brand or office displays, promotional products & gifts etc, then please contact us. We are here to help you IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS!