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Happy Friday everyone! We’re really busy today with quotes and orders for our customers. What’s happening where you are?

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Awards Trophies to Reward

Have you ever thought how awards trophies could inspire your team?

Consider this, your team, be it the sales team, marketing dept, admin section, whatever, work hard for you day in and day out. Yes they get paid to do their job, but after a while it can all get a bit ‘samey’ for them.

Why not give those deserving team members a ‘pat on the back’ for a job well done, by awarding a trophy for their efforts – “Best Salesperson”; “Best Customer Service” etc.

You’d be surprised how this motivates the recipient, and also inspires the remainder of the team.

And don’t forget the very positive PR that your firm can achieve from all this too!

There are many types of awards trophies available, and there’s one to meet every budget.

Here’s a particularly good value example –

So, reward, motivate and inspire your team to do better by rewarding them with an award trophy!