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Webinars, Videos & Worms!


It’s been an interesting week so far – and we’re not even half way through it yet!

Having taken part in an audio webinar with visual slideshow from the United States on Monday evening, which was very successful as 4800 people tried to fill just 1000 available spaces, my eyes and ears have been opened to all manner of uses of this technology. Yes I know it’s not new technology, I know it’s been around a while, I know it’s old hat for some, but I’ve never really given it much thought!

How many of you business people reading this have thought the same?

Then, to top that, along came a colleague, a business acquaintance, who is using hand-held Flip Camera video to good effect in his business at the moment. He has use of some new video conferencing technology that allows up to 15 people to use their cameras (or web cams) to participate in an online webinar/online meeting with multiple ‘audio only’ others joining in too. Isn’t this amazing?! Think of the uses – Live demonstrations of multiple products/services to an audience, introductions of people/staff to customers (and vice versa), conference calls with proof of geo-location of the participants (combine with FourSquare geo-tagging?!). Technology is a wonderful thing, ever-changing, ever exciting. I wonder if those 3800 people who missed out on the webinar this week are wondering what they missed, I wonder if they are as ready to steal a march on their competitors by using new technology? Fortunately, I registered in good time to secure my place amongst those 1000 good people. As they say, The Early Bird Catches The Worm!

Until next time,