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 Desktop A3 Sized Mini Roll Up Display Stand

 For promotion and marketing of your service/products in an effective and easily transportable way.

Features & Benefits
Promote your service/product anywhere!
Great for networking meetings when placed on the ‘Bumf’ table with your business cards!
Ideal promotional product for any table top or desktop
A3 visible graphic area
Retractable roller banner
Lightweight & easily transportable
Two piece support pole
Anodised silver base
Quick to assemble and easy to use
Overall Height 410mm
Visible Height 400mm
10mm tolerance for roller mechanism
ONLY £48.00
Delivery: FREE to anywhere in the UK

Artwork Charge: £12.00 (If required)
(All prices exclude vat)

Just finished work now – 2am!

I must be maaad! Or dedicated?! But I’ve just stopped working, & it’s 2am!!

It’s Official, the Word ‘Blog’ Sucks!

by Marcus Sheridan (

It happens over and over again. Upon discussing marketing success principles with business owners I’ll ask a simple question, the one that separates the boys from the girls, the best from the average, and first from second place:
Do you have a Blog on your website?
More often than not, I don’t even get an answer at first. In fact, I usually get a dumb look. Why? Well, the sad reality is that no matter what many internet savvy ‘experts’ may think, most business owners in the world still don’t know what the heck a ‘Blog’ is. Truth be told, the majority still feel that a Blog is some type of weird online diary.

I can’t really fault these individuals though. When one considers the word ‘Blog’ they’ll find it truly is a terrible description for the actual action. Just think for a minute of all the other phrases that better fit the process:
• Content marketing
• Education-Based marketing
• Digital marketing
• Inbound Marketing
• Pull Marketing
• Relationship Marketing
• Permission Marketing
• On and on and on

But alas, we’re all stuck on a word that Peter Merholz (really not his fault) coined back in 1999, deriving ‘blog’ from the two words ‘web’ and ‘log’. And now, 11 years later, it is because of this word that so many business owners still don’t get it….yet.

A Shift
I don’t want to sound too negative here. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Change is among us. Luckily, because of the Seth Godins (permission)and Brian Halligans(inbound) of the world, the use of ‘Blog’ in our English vernacular is finally starting to fade out in business circles as the other phrases take their rightful place.
But I bring this up because in certain instances, all a business owner or marketer needs in order to embrace content marketing (or whatever word you’d prefer) is a simple paradigm shift—one from that of ‘I need a Blog’ to ‘I need to create a culture of education within my company’. Do you see the difference? It’s huge, and although what I’m saying may sound silly, as I’ve consulted with businesses all over the country regarding this topic I’ve literally seen the light-bulbs turn on over and over again because of this one simple realisation.
So change the way you and your employees see your business. Stop saying the word blog as it simply doesn’t fit your goals to be the greatest teacher, educator, and content producer in your industry. And as you promote this culture of consumer education within your business, I can promise you everything in terms of sales, marketing, and branding will take a turn for the better.